The Etowah Scenic River Committee's immediate goal is to work with a wide range of local and regional organizations, institutions and political officials to have sections of the Amicalola and Etowah Rivers in Dawson County, Georgia included as part of the Georgia Scenic Rivers System. This process will start by circulating a petition to be presented to the Dawson County Commission requesting them to submit a formal request to Governor Perdue and The Genral Assembly to have the Georgia Department of Natural Resources conduct a Scenic River Study for designated sections of the Etowah & Amicalola Rivers.

NEW 11/15/05

  • Read the Resolution adopted by Dawson County recommending the Etowah be considered as a state scenic river.

  • Read DNR's response to the board of commissioners.  They basically said that they would not do anything until a state wide water management plan was developed in 2008.


Canoeing on the Incredible Etowah
Canoeing on the Etowah

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